Done with the tech struggles, sheer effort and emotional ups and downs that it takes to launch an online course?

Let’s get your online course launched!

Introducing Launch with Ease – your express lane to zip past course launch overwhelm and step up to “course creator” status.

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Let's get real for a minute.

You know the online course industry is BOOMING (we’re talking "B as in billions") and you’d be silly to pass on your piece of the pie.

But it’s about much more than that.

You’re driven to HELP people. Whether it’s teaching them to how trust their intuition, publish a non-fiction book or master social media, you’ve got the expertise that it takes and you’re ready to share it!

It’s about building a legacy, leaving your mark AND freeing up your schedule a bit more.

Sound like what you’re aiming for? Then keep reading…

Launch With Ease is a done-with-you experience including a VIP intensive, 1:1 support and a vault of resources.

Does this sound familiar?

You have an email list and the expertise to back it up. Now you’re ready to launch your first online course.

But there’s a few things getting in your way:

Launching WITHOUT support is tricky at best and totally overwhelming at worst. How about launching with a partner instead?


Launch With Ease

A VIP experience to help you take control of your course launch and shortcut
your success.

$1800 or 2 x payments of $900

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*Price in USD*

Here's what you'll get

In Launch with Ease, you’ll get all the support and resources you need to 
shortcut your successful course launch.


1:1 Support


6 week launch plan



Launch Copy Kit


Course launch tech

Everything you need to launch your course in the next 6 weeks is inside.

$1800 or 2 x payments of $900
Click the button to book a 15 minute call with Amy.
*Price in USD*

Is Launch with Ease right for you?

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

You want testimonials?

My clients say the nicest things...

I’m thrilled to be welcoming 22 students into my first ever group program. People say they couldn’t have done it without someone all the time, and it’s usually hyperbole. But I literally would have imploded and crawled back into my cave without Amy’s support and guidance. I think the real secret to my success was in her holistic approach, her serious strategy insights, and her moral support.

– Tiffany Hawk
Creator of Breakthrough Book Proposal

I thought my launch was going to be stressful, but cart open felt like just a normal day! I sold out my first launch and over half the members chose the pay-in-full option. Amy really understood my ideal client and captured their voice.

– Jessie Chiang
Business mentor for sensitive entrepreneurs

Amy helped nurture my audience in the pre-launch period and dove really deep into their desires. When something unexpected came up in my personal life, Amy took on a leadership role in my launch and was extremely respectful of my time. I was still able to launch as scheduled AND meet my 5-figure revenue goal.

– Dr. Fabiana Claure
Business mentor for muscians

Amy and I mapped out my first course together (and a mini launch plan) in just a series of laser focused sessions. I expected to need to make a big investment in another person’s mastermind to get this done, but working with Amy was just what I needed!

– Anya Parker-Lentz
Social media agency owner

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need to be available for our 5 hour VIP day (don’t worry, we won’t spend the entire time on camera!)

Beyond that, it depends! Some of my clients delegate this work to their VA and others take it on themselves. 

On average, my clients dedicate 5-10 hours a week for 6 weeks the first time they launch their courses. 

No. I’ll take a look at your current tech stack and make my best recommendations.

Some people like to integrate different software and others like to use an all-in-one solution.

We’ll choose the tech that works best for your budget and long term goals.

I help you write the following pieces of copy:

  • Value proposition (the big transformation)
  • Benefit bullets
  • Name for your free workshop or challenge

I will provide you will templates for sales page copy, sales emails and pre-launch content and a video walk-through of how to use them.

I’d recommend booking this 2 months before your planned launch date. That way, you’ll have 6 weeks to go through the Launch with Ease package plus an extra 2 weeks for any work you need to catch up on. 


Hi, I'm Amy Nicole


I work with bloggers and subject matter experts to launch and re-launch their online course using my expert tools, systems and strategies. 

My goal?

To help make cart open day feel as close to a day on the beach as possible (or a nap in 800 thread count sheets…take your pick!) 

Let's get your course launched in the next 6 weeks...in the easiest way possible!

Here’s a little reminder of what you’ll get in the
Launch with Ease experience.

or 2 x payments of $900

Click the button to book a 15 minute call with Amy.
*Price in USD*