Hey online coaches and service providers!


You’ve always considered yourself a decent writer.


But now that you have an online business, you’ve figured out pretty quickly that being a great writer isn’t enough to turn relationships into sales. 


You want to sound funny / casual / smart but end up sounding more like a sixth grader on stage at the school play. Sometimes awkward, a bit inconsistent and afraid to fully own your voice. 


I’m tired of seeing talented people struggle to get traction online or pay expensive contractors only to be disappointed with the results.


Learning copywriting is one of the KEY skills you’ll need to be successful online and bring in the clients who really make you jazzed to be doing this whole “building a lifestyle business” thing.


In this 4 week live experience, I’m holding your hand every step of the way and teaching you ALL the essentials you’ll need to become great at copywriting, so that you can write to sell more in your business.


The Sales Copy With Ease Experience will help you if you've ever struggled with...

If you've ever felt your heart racing as you open up your laptop to write,
I can help you turn your fear into creative genius.

Ever experienced the “iMac shiver?


So it’s not actually a medical term BUT it’s that sweaty-palm inducing feeling of needing to write something NOW so you can launch / reach more clients / make more money.


I’ve been there more times than I can count!


Like all good things in life, your learning curve CAN be greatly shortened by learning from a professional who does this all day, every day.


All of these hacks and shortcuts will be yours inside my Sales Copy with Ease live 4 week experience.


Not only that, you’ll have access to copywriting co-working sessions where I can give you feedback on the spot.

Introducing the Sales Copy with Ease Experience

A 4 week live program where you'll learn how to write
high converting sales copy (without breaking a sweat)

Dear Future Superstar, 

The biggest catch-22 about online marketing is that you can’t sell something that doesn’t exist. And in order to sell your high-ticket program or service, you’re going to need most of the following:

My fingers hurt just writing that list. Let alone writing all of the content!

But after you complete the Sales Copy with Ease Experience, you’ll be able to write ANY type of copy faster, AND get better results.

Here's what my (kinda small, but definitely awesome) fan club is saying:

"Amy's calming and casual style really put me at ease. I now have direction and support with my nurture sequence--something I've struggled with for months but Amy fixed in a short amount of time."
Martha Bodyfelt
Divorce Coach for Professional Women
“Amy’s training was helpful with coming up with a plan to market to a new niche, and it was so fun too! I now have clear steps on what I need to work on and feel like I have the steps in place to refresh my brand personality.”
Claudia Mak
E-commerce copywriter
"She really understand what my business was all about VERY quickly and had ideas I hadn’t even managed to express! I’ve used the work we did in my messaging and it’s landing perfectly!"
Sumeena Gupta
Business Mentor & Serial Entrepreneur

What’s Included in Sales Copy with Ease?

4 x LIVE 90 minute trainings and Q&A
In these weekly trainings, you’ll learn the essentials of sales copywriting and how to use the swipe files. The last 30 minutes are dedicated to Q&A.

Tailored Library of Swipe Files
When you enroll, you’ll also get a set of straight-to-the-point swipe files that will become your new favourite desk accessory.

2 x 60 minute co-working sessions

Virtual live sessions led by Amy where you can make progress on your project and ask questions on the spot.

Customized experience
Choose one copy project to work on during our 4 weeks together. A sales page, simple website or email sequence would all work!

Here's what you'll learn each week:

(All calls will be recorded in case you can't make it live.)

WEEK 1: It’s All About Timing
Learn how to take new leads from cold to warm using your writing and social media posts. Learn the right order to put every word and section in for maximum results. We’ll also choose our copywriting project this week. Choose either your website, sales page or email nurture sequence to work on.

Week 2: Your Word Vault 

Every copywriting has a secret bag of words they use to add some pop to their writing. I’ll share my favourites and help you discover some of yours, too. Sprinkle these into any piece of writing when you need it to “pop” 


This week also includes our first copywriting co-working session.

Week 3: Extraordinary editing

Ok, editing can be more boring than waiting in an airport lounge for 5 hours BUT it’s really the most important part of writing. I’ll show you how I edit (live) and you’ll also learn my simple strategies for editing quickly and effectively. No more glaring typos after you hit “post.”

Week 4: Design Your Funnel

Now that you’ve (nearly) created one of the most important pieces of your funnel, we’ll map out what’s next. Whether you’re selling a 1:1 program or a group experience, I’ll share what order to lay everything out in so that you can plan the content strategy for your launch.


This week also includes our second copywriting co-working session.



Be one of the first 3 students to sign up and you’ll get a BONUS 1:1 Copy Strategy Session (45 minutes) with Amy to be used at anytime during the program.

More client wins!

Jessie launched her now thriving membership with an email list of under 100 people.

Lauren launched her floral website and make $10K…her first month.

Sidd built a 6-figure content business using my copywriting advice to write his scripts.

Anya is ready to significantly raise her prices to attract a new caliber of client.

What's the Sales Copy with Ease Experience Worth?

Usually one-on-one clients pay $3K+ to work with me (and I promise I’m worth it.)

 But you won’t pay anything near that inside of the Sales Copy with Ease experience. For just one payment of $597, you can join us and take advantage of live training, swipe files, copy critiques and so much more!

PLUS, you’ll be empowered by a skill set that can help you book more dream clients AND make more money online. Value: priceless.


4 week LIVE experience
Wednesday, August 3rd to Wednesday, Aug 24th

*Limited to 5 seats*